Planned Professional Development Events

In coordination with

Monterey County Office of Education

TSS brings to you

Chief Business Official Academy

TSS offers the best designed and staffed training program for CBO's in California. This program has resulted in demonstrated success for new applicants and veteran CBO’s alike.

Intended Audience: CBO’s and CBO candidates


TSS’s state-approved, intensive CBO training program provides one year (10 2-day sessions) of integrated, hands-on, interactive instruction that

  1. Gives current and prospective CBOs detailed concrete skill sets and resources to manage areas that fall under their purview;
  2. Fosters leadership styles and abilities to instill a vision among staff and plan for its implementation; and
  3. Strengthens communication skills to promote a “business-side” vision for candidates to deal with conflict effectively.



TSS Presents

Training Program for Classified Leaders

Key Updates for Business Managers, Administrators and Accounting & Finance Staff

TSS is offering select training workshops for all involved in administracion of federal grants, for those who need to apply or at least understand the correct application of the cost principles, those who may be involved with pass-through or subrecipient entity transactions, as well as those who may want to update on the internal control requirements. These one-day workshops will bring you closer to compliance by enhancing your knowledge on the following subject areas:


Fostering Perseverance in the Math Classroom
Session goals will be to help participants make small adjustments to math problems that will encourage students to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others (SMP3). We will practice strategies that help create a space for students to explain their reasoning, which will reveal their level of understanding (and misconceptions)


International Professional Development Opportunities

TSS is offering a wide array of professional development activities for teachers and administrators, as well as a large slate of school consultancy services internationally.

Please contact us for details regarding these services.