Special Education Studies and Evaluations

Creating a strong program to support students with disabilities requires a multi- faceted approach. Districts want to provide high quality educational services to students with special needs and yet maintain an efficient program. Determining what works best for students with special needs and keeping it cost effective is a difficult balance to strike for most districts. 

TSS professionals have assisted districts in designing efficient services and robust programs, providing both the support students need and the optimization of resources. TSS assists districts in meeting state and federal requirements as well as providing in-depth roadmaps for implementing response to intervention models. TSS professionals have also provided assistance in professional development, facilitation of resolution sessions, transitional support and development of policies and procedures. 

With its teams of experts, experienced in district special education program and SELPA management, TSS assists school districts by creating strong and efficient programs to meet the needs of students with special needs through the following services:

  • Financial and program analysis
  • Staffing ratio analysis for classified and certificated staff (teachers, specialists, and administrators)
  • Efficiency studies
  • Comparative surveys to gather benchmark data
  • Professional development
  • Revenue enhancement strategies
  • Cost containment/reduction strategies
  • Operational procedural manuals, policies, and procedures
  • Coaching/mentoring for district-level administrators
  • SELPA reorganization
  • Recruit for SELPA administrators and/or special education directors

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