Curriculum Development and Delivery

The new accountability requirements and standard based instruction require a careful analysis of the existing curriculum, its contents and their conformance with the academic standards. To ensure that the contents are challenging, grade/age appropriate and adequately rigorous to be able to deliver the desired outcomes, the development of new curriculum and/or instructional delivery methodologies may be required.

TSS associates have long been leaders in the field of constructing whole-scale, standards-based curriculum and common course and grade-level assessments, and providing a blueprint for day-to-day instructional activities with a record of continuous improvement in student achievement. TSS professionals have been able to assist the client districts in identifying the areas of instruction needing new curriculum development and/or existing curriculum modifications and designing successful and practicable instruction delivery methods.

The TSS process for curriculum development involves identification of key or power standards, backwards design, assessment development and scheduling, instructional pacing, curriculum calibration, lesson study, and development of instructional techniques with an emphasis on direct instruction. This entire process is reinforced with intensive staff development, lesson study, and coaching.

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