Solveig Monson, MPA
Vice President

As Vice President of TSS, Solveig Monson provides our clients with management consulting services and is responsible for all activities that support district programs and services.  She oversees project development and ensures that TSS services are designed to meet the unique needs of each client district.  As a project leader on assigned projects, she assists in identifying issues faced by client districts, selects appropriate team members to analyze issues, and develops recommendations and solutions.  She understands the challenges faced by public sector organizations, but is unceasingly committed to finding solutions that are practical and possible.

Ms. Monson specializes in public-sector and nonprofit business management and operations; organizational design and effectiveness, communications and negotiations; and public, governmental, and community relations.

Ms. Monson has many years of experience and expertise in planning and implementing regional, multi-site, multimillion-dollar projects, operational systems, and procedures for public-sector and nonprofit organizations alike. Ms. Monson’s organizational and management leadership have included organizational analysis and design, planning and securing facilities, purchasing and procurement, office services, information technology, and communications.

As a specialist in community and public relations, Ms. Monson is a skilled facilitator who brings divergent perspectives to consensus.   Ms. Monson understands that communicating effectively the core mission and values of public sector organizations is critical to their success.  She effectively guides and advises school districts through processes whereby they can establish and maintain systems and an environment where the operational structures are designed to serve the needs of all students and schools.

Ms. Monson also has experience in risk management, which includes property and liability insurance, loss control programs, emergency and school safety preparedness, contract and lease administration, regulatory compliance, and multiple-agency coordination for risk management services.

Ms. Monson has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Luther College and a Master of Arts in Public Administration from The American University in Washington, DC.