Robin Tully, PE
Director, Facilities Planning

Ms. Tully provides planning and facilities management consulting services for California K-12 public schools.  She has performed bond performance audits for several large K-12 school districts utilizing both her school facilities and engineering backgrounds.  Having been a School Facilities Planner/Project Manager for a large Northern California K-12 School District, her school work experience consists of Project Management of over 17 school construction projects.  She is proficient with public bidding, architectural and design team management, preparation of developer fee studies and School Facilities Needs Analysis, operation of school bond programs, new construction and modernization projects, portable replacement projects, state funding issues, and operation of Contractor’s Prequalification Programs.

In addition to her school planning background, Ms. Tully has over 12 years of civil engineering experience.  Her role in projects has ranged from Project Engineer to Project and Construction Manager.  Ms. Tully is familiar with land development and water, sewer and stormwater treatment and modeling.  Ms. Tully stays current on green design issues such as LEED goals, low impact design, energy and water conservation and runoff water quality.  This engineering experience is put to good use when assisting school districts with planning and bond program needs.

Ms. Tully is a registered professional civil engineer and holds a degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA.