Ray Kirchmaier

Mr. Kirchmaier has over twenty-two years of district advising and management services to CBO’s in addition to serving as a CBO with the Santa Ynez Valley Union School District. He has extensive experience in all operational area, including fiscal services, budget development and year-end reporting, auditing, data systems design, maintenance and operations, administrative and educational technology, risk management, and student nutrition services. Mr. Kirchmaier has planned and managed capital construction and modernization projects in multiple school districts. He is experienced in financing, planning, construction, and furnishing of school facilities. He has managed and overseen land acquisition and site improvement needs, including interaction with architects and state-wide review and approval agencies including the Division of State Architect, inspectors, land use consultants, and other architectural consultants.

Throughout his career in K-12 education, Mr. Kirchmaier has worked collaboratively with and maintained excellent relationships with employee bargaining groups, their agents and leadership.  Mr. Kirchmaier is a professional CBO who understands that decisions must be made in concert with the Superintendent, Cabinet, community and Board of Trustees to ensure that the quality of instruction to students is a priority at all times.

Prior to becoming a CBO and providing training to K-12 school district business and management personnel, Mr. Kirchmaier served for over twenty years in various management level positions with the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mr. Kirchmaier holds a bachelors degree in business administration and accounting from Whittier College and post-graduate units toward an MBA from UCLA. He has also been an active part of CASBO and ACSA and has attended numerous management training seminars and courses in all areas of K-12 finance and business operations.