Kathy Clements, M.A. Ed., RLA
Senior Consultant

Ms. Kathy Clements has served small to large school communities in the capacity of a classroom teacher, reading specialist, county office administrator and private consultant. She has directed Reading Institutes for administrators and teachers and provided technical assistance to Reading First districts across northern California. She has worked with all levels of educators, Pre-K through college, offering a variety of both short and long-term professional development opportunities.

Ms. Clements is an approved DAIT Lead. She served as administrator for the Regional Capacity Building DAIT Project, and co-authored the DAIT Toolkit section on Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction. She has served on various State-level committees for the CDE and the CCTC and on the Board of Directors for professional organizations. She possesses an ability to visually map multiple educational concepts in a way that allows critical analysis and identification of highest leverage actions.

Kathy Clements is well versed in the key concepts of Professional Learning Communities through her involvement with the ScaleUP Project and its particular focus on Students with Disabilities. In her work with Program Improvement schools and districts, she supports and guides school and/or district leadership teams to continue to pursue, refine, and align school practices to the Essential Program Components. Most recently, she combined PLC concepts and EPC elements into a series of workshops for Leadership Teams that resulted in increased student achievement for schools and districts.

Ms. Clements has been recognized at the local as well as the national level for her work.  Examples of her commendations include an award for Excellence in Teaching based on her work at UC Davis, Extension and national recognition with a Best of the Web Award in 2004 for an online resource—Focus on Reading—developed for use across California.

In addition to a number of certificates, awards and credentials, Ms. Clements holds a M.A. degree in Education and a Reading /Language Arts Specialist Credential.