Edward C. Porter, M.A, MS Ed Admin
Senior Consultant

Mr. Porter is a former superintendent of schools who currently assist districts and individual schools in educational reform. He works with educational leaders and boards of trustees to identify and change the systems and human factors that present barriers to eliminating achievement gaps allowing all students to master academic standards.

Mr. Porter blends his knowledge and experience in the fields of administration, consulting, teaching, coaching, counseling, and change agent into a unique approach to leadership development and organizational transformation. He helps organizations, groups, and individuals set a clear vision for the future, use multiple measures and lenses in assessing current strengths and barriers, engage all stakeholders and constituencies in planning and problem solving, and narrow and deepen their focus in implementation.

Mr. Porter has been a group dynamics and organizational development consultant for over 25 years working with community, school, and business groups to improve their ability to operate more effectively in pursuit of common goals. He has been a classroom teacher, building administrator, district level curriculum supervisor, superintendent of schools, and university instructor. As an internal and eternal change agent, he has worked in partnership with all stakeholders focusing on strategic planning, collaborative teaming, problem solving, conflict management, and systems restructuring.

In the field of education, Mr. Porter has assisted districts and individual schools in improving governance practices, instruction, school and classroom climate, equity policies, and accountability systems. He has dealt with school reform at both the policy and the school site levels (top down and bottom up) with the goal of delivering academic success for all students.

Mr. Porter’s vision is to provide services in a variety of modalities to individuals, groups, and organizations that assist them in opening their eyes, minds, and hearts to working together across race, gender, and cultural identities toward building a learning environment, a workplace and a world that honors, celebrates, and upholds the value and contributions of all.